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DIY robotic arm

Make your own DIY Robotic arm at home

[Jjshortcut] has designed a robot arm that support 6 degrees of movement. The project is very easy and can be made easily at home. It is too simple, the frame is crafted from 4mm thick hardboard, hobby servos power the robot arm and a couple of tools hold it together. The frame is perfectly cut […]


Murata unveils robotic Cheerleaders on rolling metal balls

Murata Manufacturing Co. unveiled a group of swarm robots Thursday that use the latest sensing and communication technologies, as well as advanced group control technology to achieve perfect balance and flawless synchronized dancing. Unlike the bicycling Murata Boy and uni-cycling Murata Girl who moves on wheels, Murata Cheerleader gets around on a metal ball and […]

MIT soft robot

Soft-bodied quadraped robot can walk through flame, survive snow storm

Gone are the days where we saw robots that can mimic a person’s speech in two languages. Then we came across the robotic war dogs, robot spy birds, humming birds and so on! Now scientists at Harvard University have created an indestructible robot. The cross-shaped quadraped robot operates without a tether, crawls around on four […]

Counter-Strike Robot

Robot that Fires Air-Soft Pellets into the Air

Jon and his brother designed a robot out of an RC car that can fire airsoft pellets into the air. The little motorized vehicle was taken apart and a plexiglass handle was fixed to the top. A pulling mechanism was set in place and for this they used an electric airsoft gun. They also used […]

Robotic Copters Paired with Movable Landing Platforms

Small robotic copters can be both safe and maneuverable, but their small size does not support heavier cargo and their battery life is limited for short flights. To increase the potential of robotic copters, one idea is to pair it with a movable landing platform that can carry it to a site of operation and […]


Watch this Robot Learn to Recover from an Injury

A team of researchers at the Sorbonne University in Paris has created an algorithm that when added to the code of walking robots, teaches an injured robot how to walk again in just a few seconds. In their paper uploaded to the Preprint server arXiv, researchers- Antonie Cully, Jean Baptiste Mouret and Jeff Clune explain […]