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3D printed Robots adapt themselves to different kinds of terrain

Researchers from the University of Oslo have designed self-instructing robots on 3D-printers, capable of adapting to unforeseen obstacles. In future robots are supposed to operate in hazardous areas such as in deep mines, distant planets, radioactive sites, dangerous landslip areas and on the sea bed beneath the Antartic. These places are too extreme for human […]

Dexmo exoskeleton hand

Dexmo exoskeleton provides the user with a limited sense of touch

Virtual reality is fast expanding with the rise of consumer-ready VR goggles like the Gear VR or the Oculus Rift. However, for all the effects, that these devices offer, they still lack the ability to offer the user with a limited sense of touch. China’s Dexta Robotics has designed a hand exoskeleton- Dexmo that allows […]

MIT soft robot

Soft-bodied quadraped robot can walk through flame, survive snow storm

Gone are the days where we saw robots that can mimic a person’s speech in two languages. Then we came across the robotic war dogs, robot spy birds, humming birds and so on! Now scientists at Harvard University have created an indestructible robot. The cross-shaped quadraped robot operates without a tether, crawls around on four […]

AP Is Using Robots To Write Earnings Reports

The Associated Press now uses Robots to deliver Earnings reports

Robots make pretty decent bloggers. Sounds strange? Read this: you’ve probably been reading computer-generated stories for years. Associated Press reports that it will employ story-writing AKA robots by start-up Automated Insights to automate the production of US corporate earning stories. According to a post on the AP official blog, this technology will allow the AP […]

The Rise of Domestic Robots[infographic]

The Rise of Domestic Robots[infographic]

We’ve all heard of the Roomba; a little robot that roams your house to fuel it’s taste for floor dirt and dust. The idea is, you program it, you push the on button, and you leave it to do it’s thing – hopefully, eventually you come back to a sparkling clean floor, well worth your […]