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GoGlove brings smartphone control to your palm

When US-based cousins Ben Harris and Eric Ely were out on slope with some friends, they would often play music as they made their way down hill. But they found it was just too much hassle to set the tunes or volume using the standard in-line remote located on headphone cords of smartphones. The time […]

Pinc VR headset -1

The incredible Pinc VR turns your iPhone into a virtual headset

Just think how awesome it would be if you could carry around a VR (Virtual Reality) device wherever you went, as it is connected to something which you already carry with you! Well, that awesome thing is now a reality. Following Samsung’s Gear VR and Google’s VR headset cardboard, Toronto-based Cordon Development Labs has created […]

Samsung galaxy-a3-a5

Samsung Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3: Sleek silver metallic design

Soon after the announcement of its disappointing Q3 2014 earnings on Friday, Samsung introduced a pair of shiny new devices – the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5, its slimmest smartphones to date that might help lift the company out of the doldrums. The Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 have sleek silver metallic body and are […]

htc-re camera

HTC announces Re Camera – a truly unique and useful device

HTC is typically associated with smartphones, but the Taiwanese company today revealed the RE Camera, a device that’s not a smartphone at all. Imagine you’re recording your son’s birthday party via your smartphone but the thing is you’ll be missing those sweetest moments of your son turning 5 years old because your focus was at […]


Walking just got a lot easier with Digitsole!

Well, we all have to agree that winter can be pretty harsh on our feet. Who likes walking with cold feet? It isn’t any fun! So, just imagine how amazing it would be if you could control the temperature of your hoes with just a click on your smartphone. Anyway, thanks to Digitsole, it is […]