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Instagram now bigger than Twitter with 300 million active users

  Facebook’s photo and video sharing platform Instagram has reportedly moved ahead of the popular micro-blogging service Twitter with more than 300 million people using its photo service every month. Instagram, which was bought by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion, said its followers are sharing over 70 million photos and videos every day, up […]


Twitpic saved by the last-minute deal with Twitter

Twitpic, the popular photo sharing service on Twitter, founded in February 2008 will hand over both its Twitpic web domain and its photo archive to Twitter, ensuring that existing photos and links to TwitPic will be kept alive “for the time being”. Last month, Twitpic announced that it was been forced to shut down following […]

Twitter buy button

Twitter’s Buy Button makes shopping experience convenient and fun

Twitter now makes your shopping experience convenient, easy and more fun. Twitter began testing “buy buttons” on Monday that can be embedded in tweets to allow users to instantly buy anything directly from marketing posts. As of now, the button only appears on mobile devices and is not seen on Twitter’s web version. In their […]

Twitter timeline shows tweets favourited by others and people they follow

Twitter Users not Really Happy with the Latest Change!

Twitter is known for experimenting with its features like revamping direct messaging, adding pop-up notifications on its web app and allowing users to upload animated gifs. But, its latest experiment has been annoying to many users. Many users are seeing the tweets which the users whom they follow favorite on their timeline. Not only this, […]

Twitter Timeline gets Animated GIF support

Twitter Timeline gets Animated GIF support

Twitter gets something incredible this week, the company announced the much-anticipated support for GIFs in your timeline. That means you no longer need to click to a third-party website to view those looping, oftentimes hilarious, animated images. Now it’s all right on the social network’s desktop and iOS and Android mobile platforms. “Starting today, you […]