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3D printed helmet

How to make your own 3D printed Daft Punk Helemt

If you have a passion for 3D printing and would like to put those talents to craft something interesting, then you need to check out this DIY tutorial on printing out a Daft Punk helmet. Adafruit has released a step-by-step guide on how to craft a 3D-printed helmet, which of course also sells the materials required […]


This video shows mysterious ant behavior

Ants are incredible little creatures, known specially for their self organization and team work, but we’ve never quite seen them work as a team like this. In this video, you will watch how the ants gather forming a daisy chain to move a millipede prey to their nest. To check whether the curious behavior of […]

ZYYX 3D Printer Includes Unique Air Filtration System

New ZYYX 3D Printer Offers Users Hassel-Free Printing

Like every other week, this week too has some interesting gadgets in the news. The ZYYX 3D printer is a Swedish designed, Chinese made device that offers users an awesome experience with printing. The ZYYX team has addressed many issues faced by 3D printer users, the most notable of which is build plate calibration. The […]

Screen Video Capture Applications for Linux (7)

Top 7 Screen Video Capture Applications for Linux

While searching for good Screen capture or Screen Video Capture application, we’ve a plenty of choices. But in case of Linux, it’s very difficult to figure out such kind of application. But in this article we’re presenting the list of Top 7 Screen Video Capture applications for Linux. Undoubtedly, these applications are truly capable to […]


Installing Google Analytics in WordPress Made Easy

Apart from the actual content, images and products/services that a website offers, one of the most important things that make it a success is the statistics about the site. The numbers will indicate what your visitor thinks about the site and what he/she would like to see more of. If you are wondering how to […]


Nikon D600 full-frame digital SLR camera

On September 13, 2012, Nikon announced its new D600 DLSR camera with a 24.3 megapixel full-frame FX sensor with compact DX-sized body while delivering many new-to-Nikon features aimed to please higher-end video users. The camera comes with a body price tag of $2,100. The kit including AF-S Nikko 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G lens costs $2,700. Notable new […]