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Bluetooth ring

Arduboy: DIY ring that lets you recieve Bluetooth notifications

Wearables are the next edge of recreational electronics and Kevin’s Arduboy ring is undoubtedly one of the best examples we have seen until . The Arduboy ring is powered by the NRF51822 chip set it contains an ARM-M0 implanted microprocessor running at 16mhz. The chip has a good 256k of flash memory and 16k of RAM but […]

Jawbone UP3 and Up move

Jawbone’s most advanced fitness trackers have landed – UP3 and UP Move

Jawbone has launced two new fitness trackers – the UP3 and the UP Move. With its atleast devices, Jawbone is trying to appeal to anyone and everyone interested in tracking their health using a wearable device. Unlike the latest fitness tracker models, Jawbone’s latest bands still don’t have a display or notification features that are […]


AMPY: Wearable power pack that juices up as you move

It’s hard to stay focused on the ever-waning battery life of our cell phones. Also, when you’re on the go, it’s a constant struggle to find a charging outlet. Although, there are many portable battery packs out there, they too need to be charged. Well, now a Kickstarter project is claiming to address some of […]


Skin Buttons: Smartwatch turns your hand into a touchscreen!

Although smartwatches are cool to wear, their small sizes makes many actions quite hard and because of this, not many people will have them on their shopping lists. Buttons are small on a smartwatch and typing in frustrating. To overcome the hurdles of a smartwatch, Carnegie Mellon University researchers have come up with a smartphone […]


Microsoft all set to launch a wearable device soon

Microsoft is all set to launch a smartwatch soon, Forbes reports. The reports further say that the smartwatch will be compatible across various mobile operating systems including its own Windows Phone, and Android and iOS, and will feature a fitness component that will be able to track a wearer’s heart rate. The wearable device which […]


Meet Nixie, the first flying camera that fits on your wrist

Nixie is the first wrist-mounted flying concept camera that is capable of capturing unique photos and videos. Intel is hosting an event to encourage new wearable technology ideas, and Nixie is one of the finalists. So far it’s still in early days, so Nixie is around the edges. When you’re ready for your close-up, the […]