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Windows ARM server

Microsoft developing a software to support ARM-based servers

Bloomberg reports that Microsoft is testing a version of Windows Server operating system that runs on chips-based on ARM Holdings Plc’s technology. The Redmond-based company has a test version of Windows Server that’s already running on ARM-based serves, according to the sources, who asked not be identified because the plans aren’t revealed publicly. Microsoft has […]

Shenzhen Apec Meegopad T01

Meegopad T01 – A full blown x86 PC

Over the years, we have seen the Chinese come up with tiny sticks which can be plugged into a TV to run Android apps. They look very similar to USB flash drives. But, they have an HDMI connector instead of the USB connector. Moreover, they are quite heavy for a flash drive. A new Intel […]

My Computer remane

How to Change “This PC” back to “My Computer” on Windows

Well, in the new version of Windows, Microsoft has changed the name of “My Computer” to “This PC”. I have to agree, it was annoying enough when it was changed to “Computer”. If you are one of those people who are unhappy with the name and want it back to “My Computer” or something totally […]


Microsoft to launch another major version of Windows on September 30

Microsoft is planning to launch yet another major version of Windows at the end of this month. The software giant started emailing out for its Windows event in San Francisco scheduled for September 30. Redmond bigwigs Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson will be leading the discussion around the future of Windows. The event will focus […]

Easy Steps to Use Windows 8 Laptop as Wi-Fi Hotspot

Easy Steps to Use Windows 8 Laptop as Wi-Fi Hotspot

There are 3 ways to flip your laptop equipped with Microsoft Windows 8 into a Wi-Fi hotspot. One amongst them needs that you just dig into the command prompt, a task several feel unwilling or unprepared to handle. Here’s what you’ve have to do, based on Easy Steps to Use Windows 8 Laptop as Wi-Fi […]