Texting Gun alerts the police if you’re texting while driving

ComSonics texting gun

Texting behind the wheels can be incredibly dangerous and in most countries it is an offense. Well that doesn’t stop some crazy motorists from texting while driving along a way.

But now a Virginia based company called ComSonics is designing a new type of radar gun- the texting gun that can detect the frequency of a text message, allowing cops to penalize drivers for doing it.  The technology used is same as the one used by cable technicians to locate damaged TV cables by ‘leaked’ transmissions.

In UK, you are not supposed to use your phone when driving, while in some states you are allowed to make phone calls but no texting.

Drivers nabbed using a phone in the UK can face penalties up to £1,000 and also their license will be seized.

ComSonics Calibration Services Manager Malcolm McIntyre admitted to the Virginian-Pilot that there are certain legal obstacles the company was trying to clear and the device was close to production.

For states like Virgina which allow driver to use phone to make calls but no texting, this technology could be useful.

In addition the texting gun is also capable of detecting which person in the car is texting, so it will not alert cops to impose a penalty if it spots frequencies from a passenger.

Via: DailyMail