The 10 Google Drive add-ons you must-have

This past March, Google launched add-ons for two of the Google Drive apps, Google Docs and Google Sheets service. Some of them are developed but Google, while the others are created by third party developers. These add-ons will help you increase your productivity or do more within your docs like translating text, signing faxes, creating bibliographies and more.

best Google Drive add-ons
While it’s still in its infancy, here are the 10 best add-ons available on launch.

1.       Google Translate

Google Translate
If you are frequently using Google translate, this add-on can save a lot of time. With this add-on, you need not waste time by having to open it in a new window. Select some text, and translate it from within your document.

For some reason, the add-on currently supports only a few destination languages- English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

 2.       HelloFax

HelloFax is the easiest way to sign documents and send faxes online. This add-on eliminates the need of a fax machine. HelloFax’s Google drive integration allows you to fax document from Google Drive, as well as receive faxes from others in a special HelloFax folder within the drive. In addition to Google Drive, HelloFax is also integrated with Dropbox and Box. You can register for the service through Google Drive and avail 50 free fax pages per month as well as unlimited signature requests and document signing.

 3.       Calculator

Sometimes you may need a simple calculator but don’t want to leave the current document you’re working with. The calculator add-on allows you to perform basic maths but doesn’t support keyboard input unless you hit on the number field. However, the calculator add-on is better than rearranging windows or clicking back and forth.

 4.       Document Merge

Document Merge
Merge by MailChimp is a simple add-on that lets you design a fancy looking message in Google Docs and seamlessly send it in a personalized email to any email address you have saved in Google Sheet.   Document Merge also lets you know how many people have actually read your message.

 5.       PandaDocs

Next time you have an important document that requires a signature to send, forget the tedious process of printing and scanning. PandaDocs integrates legally binding electronic signatures into your Google Docs, so you’ll never have to bother of to get something signed again.

6.       Mapping sheets

 Mapping sheets
Mapping Sheets is an easy way to create custom Google Maps using Google Sheets. If you have contacts in your Google Sheet, you can quickly create a Google map from it. In other word, you can make a large map with all your contacts or plot out an efficient delivery route to view all the places you’ve been.

 7.       EasyBib

EasyBib is an add-on that is specifically designed for writing and evaluating research work.

As the name itself suggests, EasyBib can automatically cite books, journal articles in MLA, APA and Chicago style. Once done with the research work, you can simply click the Generate Bibliography button. All citations will be automatically pasted at the end of your document in the format you choose.

8.       UberConference

UberConference makes scheduling and joining calls easy. All you do is login, invite attendees, and then everyone will be in the document and on the conference call in a couple of seconds. The setup is very interesting since you don’t ever need to leave Google Docs to use the app.

9.       Styles

Now, you can quickly make your spreadsheet look fancy. All you need to do is highlight the cells you want to design and then choose the style from the Style viewer sidebar. Also, you can color a few selected rows or the whole spreadsheet to make it look beautiful.

10.   Sudoku sheets

Sudoku sheets
The Google Sheets add-on can generate puzzles at four difficulty levels and helps you create your own.Have fun in creating and solving Sudoku puzzles inside a Google Spreadsheet.