The $150, Swatch Sistem51 hits the US market

Earlier, Watch lovers who adored Swiss mechanical movement need to shell out several hundred dollars to own such a time piece. Here is the good news! The Sistem51 is officially launching in the US for the cheap pricing of $150.

watch's robot-made wristwear

As the name suggests, the timepiece has only 51 components including the mechanical movement. Also, like the original Swatch, its assembly is entirely automated. Sistem51 has a 90-hour power reserve and runs at a frequency of 3 Hz. The sealed case should protect the watch from dust or moisture that could lead to a costly repair. The complete watch is made in Switzerland.

watch's robot-made wristwearUnfortunately, the Sistem51 was only available in Switzerland, but as of July 1 Swatch is officially releasing Sistem51 in the United States.

watch's robot-made wristwearThe Sistem51 is only available at Swatch’s Times Square store in New York as we write this, and the West coast will have to sit tight until the July 8th launch in San Francisco.

watch's robot-made wristwear

Source: Swatch

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