The Biggest Threat to Digital Environment: Data Loss

A recent survey carried out in January 2017 by 41 IT professionals uncovers some serious reactions, evokes discussions, and delivers an alarming figure about Data Loss, the one critical thing that leads to despair. When the IT Professionals where asked about the major cause of data loss in the business environment, they stated their reasons which is shown in the following pie chart.



Not just this, given below is the opinion from Backblaze customers—



The Survey indicates that approximately each year, 1 of 2 people lose their data, 1 of every 2 drives fail within every 5 years, and 15% of households experience theft annually.

Moving forward, below is an overview of Stellar’s Successful Recoveries in the year 2016 where they handled 30,000+ Data Recovery Jobs of which 55% was Corporate and 45% were of Individuals.

When talked further about the Data Loss types, surprising statistics were unveiled—


Source: Stellar Data Recovery Infographic

Prior to getting deeper into finding the right Data Recovery approach, let us first understand the Common causes that turn into Data Loss

Leading Causes of Data Loss

The most common data loss reasons are as follows:


Let’s us look at each of them in detail

Hardware or System Malfunction

A substantial share of data loss is due to system or hardware failures. Some common reasons are head or media crash, electrical failure, and controller failure.

Symptoms of Hardware Failure

  • Scraping or rattling sound
  • Hard drive failing to spin
  • Hard drive not functioning
  • “Device cannot be recognized” error message

How to Prevent?

  • Keep the System dry and dust-free
  • Ensure uninterrupted power supply
  • Don’t uncover hard drive

Human Error

This is the most common data loss reason. Some of the reasons for failure include accidental deletion or formatting and physical damage such as dropping.

How to Prevent?

  • Delete files or format storage devices cautiously
  • Maintain Backup at regular intervals

Power Failure

Another critical data loss reason. While an unexpected power loss seems to create a relatively low risk, but in actual the cause is devastating. Some common reasons are spontaneous voltage change and inadequate Power supply.


  • Abrupt System shutdown
  • System creates rebooting problems

How to Prevent?

  • Use Power Surge Protectors
  • Change Power supply unit
  • Maintain Data Backup

Viruses and Malware

While online connection brings a lot of advantages, it too brings the risk of infection along. The classic example of the same is Virus and Malware. The only difference between different viruses and malware is their damage level. While some will damage stored data or affect operational software, the others will misuse the Internet connection. But, the major damage when the system encounters a virus is Data loss.

How to Prevent?

  • Download Anti-Virus Program
  • Monitor your Online Security

Damage due to spilling liquid

In this hi-tech era, we all are too busy and believe that we can easily handle multitude of tasks altogether. Many of us execute our work while drinking or munching food. Therefore, damage due to the spilling of liquid or food is another common cause. When spilling happens, electronic components experience short circuit due to the absence of extra protection layer. This makes hard drives inaccessible.

How to Prevent?

  • Avoid using Drinking or Eating while accessing your device

Computer Theft
Devices such as a computer, laptop, or other electronic devices are the top prize for thefts. While on the one side it is disheartening to lose your device, on the other hand, it is devastating to think of you data getting compromised. Regardless of the matter, whether you have your data online, when burglars gain access to your device, they also have an access to your account.

How to Prevent?

  • Make sure to handle your device carefully

Indeed, using these DIY measures, we can easily avoid the Data Loss, but what if these approaches fail and data loss happens? Does it means the data is gone forever?

Don’t Panic! Your Data still exists!

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The Way Forward!

Data Loss is the most common and bound to happen occurrence. Regardless of whether you are a professional or an individual user, the result of data loss is devastating. But, point to consider here is that it can be prevented using a sound approach.
But, if those measures fail, count on Data Recovery service from a renowned service provider like Stellar Data Recovery Services to regain your lost data effortlessly!