The Cheap Bluetooth Adapter for Android

By now, just about everyone in the industrialized world has a damaged iPod with a shattered screen, a dead battery, or one that’s simply trashed somewhere. The good news is you can still use your iPod to store music. By using an Arduino and a cheap Bluetooth adapter, it is easy to control your iPod’s playlist- showing the title of the song, playlists, and more.

 The Bluetooth iPod Controller For Android

With the right resistance on a specific pin on the 30-pin dock connector, iPods will send the track name, and playlists over a serial connection, as well as respond to play, pause , skip and volume commands. Although it was not difficult for Trevor in implementing the copious amount of documentation of this iPod accessory mode in small microcontroller projects, but it took him some time to replicated the usual iPod dock commands with an Arduino.

Using an HC-05 Bluetooth module, it’s possible to get this iPod-connected Arduino to transmit data to and from an Android device with a small app. The circuit is simple, the app is free, and if you an iPod with any of the above issues, you can still use it as a music storage device.

Via : Hackaday