The Flip!: Unikia created a versatile couch pillow

Have you ever heard about a pillow that can twist, turn, rotate, and stretch to your specific needs? A pillow that can fit your every need and can be used outdoors while traveling or other places. Created by Unikia, this amazing couch pillow facilitates you in many ways. This pillow comes with a two-piece Flip! Cushion that lets you nap comfortably no matter if you are traveling or resting at any other place.
The Flip!’s two padded sections are connected with a rope that keeps it in one place when you take its support. The cover of this pillow is durable and removable, so you can clean them when it gets dirty and place it back when you take it outdoors. The cost of Flip! Pillow is $68 and it indeed is worth it. So, next time when you come back to your place after a tired and a hectic schedule this versatile pillow will take all your tiredness by providing comfort and aligning your neck , shoulder and lumbar region in any position, so you can rest, relax and rejuvenate like never before. You can also take this pillow when you go out for outing and picnic as it is easily packable and has a lightweight so you can be easily carry it with you.