The Future of Mobility[infographic]

How important is your mobile phone to you? One in four of the world’s 5 billion mobile phone users look at their phones at least once every 30 minutes; 1 in 5 look at it every 10 minutes. Eighty-four percent of people claim they could not go a day without their phones.

People use their mobile phones in a variety of ways. Smartphone users undoubtedly have the most options and they use this benefit to its full advantage. For instance, social media is easily accessed via smartphones. Facebook now reaches 76% of the smartphone market. In addition to social media, smartphones are used for mobile commerce, tracking global health issues, and providing geographical directions.

In the future, smartphone designs will become easier to navigate with sensors and machine language to recognize other objects. Some smartphones may even be flexible, making them lighter and more durable, not to mention bendable.

Lighter, flexible smartphones aren’t the only place where mobility is headed. Wearable mobile technology is a focus of the mobile technological world right now. Apple recently received 22 patents which would allow them to create wearable technology in the forms of shirts, sneakers, watches, and ski gear.

What are your thoughts on where mobile technology is going? Please share in the comments and check out this infographic presented by ClickSoftware to learn more about the future of mobility.


Source: ClickSoftware mobile workforce management