The Hard Disk Drive Recovery Scenarios

Summary: This blog educates you about the possible ways by which you can lose your data from a hard disk. It also describes the various methods by which you can recover files from the damaged hard drive.  Read on to know more about Hard Drive Recovery Scenarios.

This morning when I tried to access my system, it produced a screeching noise followed by a Blue Screen. I was worried as my hard disk included important business critical files and folders. I am wondering whether I would get my data back. Let’s look at another scenario. You are back from a memorable trip and are looking at the moments captured, when, suddenly, your system shuts down on own, even though there was no odd sound, no spinning, and no vibration. You tried to restart but without success. You are in utter loss.

If you can relate to any of the above situations, then do not despair as a solution (hard drive recovery) is close at hand. Let’s look at how?

Hard Drive is the most essential and primary data storage device of any computer unit. This paperback book size device is also recognized as a data center.  Being a data center, it has become an integral part of the computing environment. This hardware unit is widely used in laptops as well as desktops to store data including application data, Operating system, your preferences, Program files to system files, etc. Therefore, in short, we can say the Hard disk is the integral part that saves data as well as maintains its integrity.

However, like other hardware units, this device also features a limited life span.  It is also prone to crash and damage, irrespective of its make and model. In such circumstances, your data is at stake. This is because this crash or damage will affect your data too. As the data is important, so is the recovery. The reason being, it is an efficient way to recover data from hard drive that is lost, deleted, or inaccessible from data centers. Hard Drive Data Recovery looks into data loss scenarios.

Dead Hard Drive Recovery

Before we delve into the recovery aspect, let us first explore what Hard disk drive failure is and what are the possible reasons of its failure.

What causes a Hard Drive to Fail or turn Unresponsive?

A hard drive becomes unresponsive due to the following scenarios:

  • When the system cannot successfully detect the hard drive
  • When the hard disk does not function as expected
  • When a user is unable to access it
  • When hard disk produces a buzzing noise

What are the reasons of a Hard Drive failure?

There are several reasons due to which a hard drive can turn corrupt, crash, or be dead. Broadly speaking, a hard drive failure is divided into two categories:

  • Physical Failure
    • These are mechanical deformities.
    • The damage can be either magnetic or non-magnetic.
    • You cannot power on your system in this scenario.
    • Hard drive usually produces a buzzing noise.

Note: In this circumstance, inevitably, though the data is on the hard drive constituents, but we cannot access it.

  • Logical Failure
    • In this, inconsistencies occur due to file structure.
    • The damage does not allow the drive to track the exact data location, though the BIOS can be viewed. In this circumstance, data is shown as dead.

 Let us look into it in detail.

  1. Files Corruption

In this state, the error arises due to corruption or damage of system files.


  • Sudden shutdown
  • System becomes inaccessible

Reason for Occurrence

  • Power surges
  • Malicious application usage
  • Inadvertent shutting off any running program


  • Shut down system properly
  • Prior to system shut down, close all the running program
  • Don’t install faulty applications on your system


  1. Internal failure:

It is also defined as mechanical failure. It usually arises due to damage PCB board, bad sectors, spindle motor functioning stoppage, and fixed read/write head.


  • Freezing of system
  • Electronic sound
  • Appearance of black screen when booting up
  • Files or folders become invisible

Reason for Occurrence

  • Virus attack
  • Rootkit virus
  • Degradation of moving parts


  • Update your system periodically
  • Ensure antivirus is running in your system


  1. Power Surges

This state is created due to electronic failure.


  • Sudden startup failure
  • Hard drive does not spin
  • System BIOS does not detect hard drive

Reason for Occurrence

  • Disturbed power supply
  • Inadequate power supply delivery


  • Ensure there is a proper power supply
  • Shutdown system when not using it
  • Use professional data recovery tool


  1. Heat

A state that creates when a drive is being used in a highly hot environment or inappropriately cooled computer system.


  • Heating up of system
  • Produces a clicking sound
  • Stoppage or slowing down of fan

Reason for Occurrence

  • Improper ventilation
  • CPU fan faulty state


  • Use thermal paste
  • Check the functioning of the fan
  • Ensure whether the processor or peripheral is using the right amount of cooling or not


  1. Manufacturer Faults

These are also recognized as firmware faults. These are usually seen in the brand new hardware device.


  • System does not boot
  • Hard disk becomes untraceable
  • Hanging of system while booting

Reason for Occurrence

  • These usually arises at the manufacturer level. There is no possible defined reason.


  • Check RA (Return Authorization)


  1. Human Errors:

These errors can be intentional or accidental. Some of these are as follows:

  • OS Faulty installation
  • Deliberate deletion
  • Modification if system registry settings
  • Modification of system files attributes as well as location.

When the above-stated solutions do not work as expected, then does it mean that you will not be able to get access to the lost data? The answer is positive as a solution is at hand. Let’s look at how.

A Rescue Program— Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services is the best practice to recover inaccessible data. It is tested and proven to work in most scenarios where none of the aforementioned solutions works.  Nowadays, a large heap of service providers ensures to cater to your data recovery services efficiently. However, the focal point is the selection of the reliable and powerful service provider. And there are various reasons to why trust Stellar when it comes to data recovery. They have successfully catered to 2 Million+ Customers since 1993. On an average, they usually perform 35000+ data recovery jobs in an annum with the support of their knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

Significant Traits of Stellar Data Recovery Services

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  • ISMS compliant
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  • Use Encryption to keep data secure
  • Ensures Data Destruction using proprietary tools
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The Bottom Line

Hard disk, the indispensable storage unit is destined to fail due to errors such as firmware faults, power surges, files corruption, water damage, and much more.  Therefore, it is always advisable to have a regular backup and restoration to avoid worst scenario of data loss. However, if in case, you accidentally encountered in such circumstance, the best solution to regain lost data is data recovery services. It helps you get back data from physical HDD failure drive.