The incredible Pinc VR turns your iPhone into a virtual headset

Pinc VR headset -1

Just think how awesome it would be if you could carry around a VR (Virtual Reality) device wherever you went, as it is connected to something which you already carry with you! Well, that awesome thing is now a reality. Following Samsung’s Gear VR and Google’s VR headset cardboard, Toronto-based Cordon Development Labs has created a virtual reality gizmo, and this one is exclusively designed to tie in with the iPhone 6. Pinc is a brand new accessory for your iPhone 6 smartphone which will turn your headset into a VR headset. Amazing! Right?

Pinc is a 3D printed headset produced by Cordon and can be used as a phone case when it is folded. When unfolded, it can be used with iPhone 6’s display to create a virtual reality experience completely with wireless rings worn on the finger which allow users to navigate with touch screen-like hand gestures when tracked by the device’s camera.

The more interesting part of this is its virtual keyboard which will make you look cool. It allows you to type in the air! So, now you have all your interest on this single app, let me tell you where you would find the virtual keyboard. It is found in Pinc app alongside a painting app, shopping app, photo section and so on.

Pinc VR headset

The prototypes of the Pinc case, which are 3D printed for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus does not have any electronics in it. It weighs about a hundred grams and the case with hinged flaps is about twenty four mm thick. The hinged flaps open up in front of the screen and you can find 2 plastic lenses which are fixed to 3 swimming Google straps the user pulls over his/ her head just like a skull cap.

Now, let us get down to how the device is controlled. Pinc uses the iPhone’s main camera to control the device. Well, I mentioned about the rings before. It is said that the rings allow a person to get almost 80% of the benefits of having two hand gesture (multi-touch) controls.

Pinc is a slim gadget and is up on Indiegogo with an aim to reach $100,000 goal. The device is expected to come out in the month of June next year and you could pre-order it now for $99 excluding shipping which is less than Oculus Rift. Although there are many other companies which have similar products that make use of iPhone’s display, Pinc’s software and gesture based input system make it one of the best and it will definitely get better.

Via: TheVerge