The most important Announcements from Apple’s event

Apple announced the Apple Watch at its event today (Image: AP)

Apple announced the Apple Watch at its event today (Image: AP)

Apple on Tuesday announced two new models of the iPhone, the 4.7 inches iPhone 6 and the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus. It also unveiled a samrtwatch and a payment system that integrates with its smartphones.

Apple is turning to the history as it lays out its future. The company is hosting the event at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts, the same venue where co-founder late Steve Jobs released the industry-shifting Mac computers 25 years ago.

iPhones with larger display

The new iPhone 6 is expected to have 4.7 inch and the iPhone 6 Plus has 5.5 inch displays. The screen resolution on the Plus version will be sharper than its predecessors, at 401 pixels per inch rather than 326.

Usually, apps are stacked vertically, even when the phones are held horizontally. App developers will also have new tools to rearrange their content to take advantage of that larger screen.

Both the models aren’t as big as Samsun’s latest flagship devices- 5.1 inches for the Galaxy S5 and 5.7 inches for the Note 4 – but they will serve the same purpose as Samsung and other Android developers have had.

Apple claims the new models will be faster and have longer battery life than its predecessors. The phones come with a new M8 sensor, the barometer that monitors elevation, in addition to how far you’ve walked or run.


(Image: AP)

The resolution of the camera is still rated at 8 megapixels, while its rival S5 is at 16 megapixels. Apple sys it is adding new sensors for better shots.

Pre-orders for both phones begin on Friday September 12th and shipping starts in the U.S on September 19th. With a two-year contract, the iPhone 6 ranges from $199 to $399 with 16 to 128 gigabytes of storage. The Plus is $299 to $499, with contract.

Apple Pay

The new model will support Apple Pay, an all-new NFC mobile payment system that lets you pay for goods with your phone instead of your credit at checkout counters. The companies participating in
Apple pay include American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.


(Image: AP)

(Image: AP)

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the first ever wearable gadget from the company and the first new product from Apple since 2010’s iPad. It will be release in three variants and in two different sizes. It’s likely to be a computerized wearable to help users track health, manage homes and even buy goods.

New Software

Though apple is emphasizing on new gadgets, the software powering those devices is getting its annual refresh. Apple introduces iOS 8 its biggest update. Apple takes pride in allowing its existing customers to upgrade for free. The new update will let you start a message on an iPhone and complete it on an iPad. With another upcoming Mac update dubbed Yosemite, you are allowed to continue working on the same message on a Mac computer as well.

The new iOS software will allow its users to try a lot more things without leaving your current app.

A new keyboard aims to predict the words you’re about to type.

Home and Health

Apple is introducing HomeKit and HealthKit systems. These apps help a person monitor his eating habits and fitness routines to switching on the coffee maker in the morning.