The Power Pen charges your smartphone and writes too

Power Pen

These days, people rely on phones way too much. So, when the battery goes flat, it’s almost like everything comes to a stop and this definitely means disaster. However, technology has also advanced and now there are external charging devices which are finding their way into almost everything. Recently, there was a new addition to the list and it is pen with a backup battery packed inside. And mind you, it is a writing pen!

Normally, when you ask a business person what are the two most valuable things in their office, they usually tell that it is a pen and a smartphone. However, the smartphone always runs out of battery. Now this is where the so called Power Pen comes in. While pens are normally handy, Power Pen also functions as your phone charger.

It looks like any other normal aluminum writing tool complete with a twist action to reveal the ballpoint pen tip. But, if the twist the pen’s body a little closer to the top, you will disclose lightning and Micro-USB connectors, which charge your iOS or Android device with the 700 mAh battery which is hidden inside. On the end, you will find a cap which reveals a USB port hen removed. This USB port is to charge the Power Pen.

However, there is no word on how much extra life will be available from the device. Although it does not provide a good competition for the other devices like the 3,800 mAh PowerTrekk 2.0 or the 900 mAh Dog & Bone Case, it is useful to prevent your phone’s battery from becoming flat for an hour or two.

The drawback is that, you couldn’t write with it while charging. Well, you could, but it wouldn’t be with ease. Also, we are likely to lose our pens. So, in case this one gets lost, then, alas! You would’ve lsot your pen and your charger! If you want to get your own Pwer Pen, you could order it from Firebox for $40. It ships out on December 29th.

Via: Gizmodo