The Pyro – Real fireball spitting wristband for sale


A magician from Virginia, Adam Wilber, has something magical, superhero thing to sell. He spent two-years building Pyro – a wrist band that shoots real fire balls from empty palm. There aren’t much fire spitting tools available in markets for sale, at least, not wearable ones.

The Pyro is almost invisible when worn on wrist under cover of sleeves. It’s a spectacular stunt to show-off in your next party or may be to scare crap out of some street dogs.

Technically, the Pyro includes four chambers meant to trigger individual shots. The detonation is controlled through a remote in the other hand. It’s a hands free, subtle operation. You can’t buy this if you aren’t above 18 –years in age. It’s a dangerous tool to be handed over into immature hands.

Ellusionist 5

If you want to buy one, then chose one from Flash Packs, Flash Cotton, and paper sets.

Ellusionist 3

However, a strict note from Wilber and retailer Ellusionist emphasize the buyers to carefully go through the Pyro instructional video before using it.

Ellusionist 2

Via: Dudeiwantthat