The Rise of Domestic Robots[infographic]

We’ve all heard of the Roomba; a little robot that roams your house to fuel it’s taste for floor dirt and dust. The idea is, you program it, you push the on button, and you leave it to do it’s thing – hopefully, eventually you come back to a sparkling clean floor, well worth your £700+, but let’s be honest, the thing might still get stuck if you have a few wires around.

So are domestic robots the big futuristic change we’ve all been hoping for? Or are they just a novelty?

Well, they’re not quite life-changing yet, but according to this infographic by NCF Furnishings, they’re on their way, and they’re being developed further every day.

Now we have domestic robots that can mow your lawn, clean your floor, protect your home, and even pour you a drink. Each robot seems to only have one function, so there’s no magical butler robot that can cater to your every need yet but we are making progress. After all, according to the research below 61% of people questioned would like to buy a domestic robot, and demand is likely to fuel future developments.

Would you trust a domestic robot? Would you let it protect your home and would you be reassured that it would complete its job to a high standard?

It’s true domestic robots still have their flaws, but let’s be honest, they’re still cool, and they’re awaking that childlike love of futuristic gadgets in you, right?

Read on, we’d love to know your opinion.
The Rise of Domestic Robots