The Solar Paneled Clothing Which Charges your gadgets is here!! Check it out!

Charges your gadgets Wearable-Solar-DressYou would have looked at solar panels arranged side by side in a photograph. well, have you ever considered wearing them? Even the thought of it seems uncomfortable. Anyways, you might be familiar with wearable tech. Many people feel that charging their mobiles with solar energy is really impractical as you always have to keep a separate device for that purpose. Until recently, wearable solar was something which wasn’t possible due to some of its drawbacks.

 Solar-Powered Dress Wearable-Solar-CoatBut, the Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen collaborated with the solar energy expert Gert Jan Jongerden and Christiaan Holland from the HAN University of Applied Sciences and released some clothes that use solar energy to charge simple gadgets like your mobile.

This project is about integrating solar cells into fashon so that the body can act as an additional source of energy. The dress has seventy two flexible solar cells that have been attached at the front. Also, there are forty eight crystal panels which are hidden beneath the leather flaps which make the dress a little heavy. Therefore, they will be revealed only when the sun shines and will be hidden when not in use. When the dress is exposed to sunlight, each piece generates a certain amount of power which can charge a dead phone up to fifty percent.

 Solar-Powered Dress Screen-Shot-2014-05-02-at-12-shoesThe solar cells are constructed to trap sunlight and convert it into electricity. And, the internal structure of the cells resemble those of the human body. For this project, a coat and dress have been designed where solar cells are placed close to the body.

Finally Van Dougen says that although it is a long way to go, through more research and further development, they can get to a marketable product