The staff at Google now testing out Google Play Store

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The initial signs that the Google Play is being redesigned had appeared as a walk through video. But now it looks like that Google Play Store for Android is being put through initial tests by the people at Google in a process that is also known as Dog-fooding. Apparently a member of the staff at Google Eileen Rivera who belongs to the YouTube Team had posted a print screen of the new interface and subsequently removed it.

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From the looks of it, the lines of the new design appear to be neat and in the form of “Holo” type of interface. This is keeping in line with what was seen of the last design. Instead of a dark and dull motif this shows an interface that is light and neat. It displays the full display of all the services provided by Google Play. What needs to be seen is how the new Play Store design will appear to be when it goes to places like Australia and other places. This is important as these places are where parts of the Play Store like Music, are not accessible. But from the looks of it, this should not be a major problem.

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From the look of it, it seems likes the major change to what has been displayed is that when the latest version is released to the market, the Dog Food Bowl seen on the top left side of the display to be changed and the inculcation of promotions that are related to Google Play. Probably the next time we view the latest version of Play Store will be when it is released to Android devices. Of course the exact time is still up in the air.

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So what is your take on the new design and when you feel it will be released?

Via: Ausdroid