The Top 5 Free VOIP Apps to Make Free International Calls

Communication is the need of the hour. The availability of a wide range of e- commerce applications on the smart phones, have made functions like banking, stock trading, ticket reservations and other Business to business activities possible at the scroll of fingers. Thanks! to technology, that has done miracles.
There are several channels of effective communication. The choice of the media depends upon its effectiveness and cost. The smart phones have occupied a highly preferred position in recent times, more so due to its multiple applications. The VOIP application which refers to Voice over internet protocol can be downloaded in the smart phones to enable one to perform a host of functions like:Free VOIP Apps

  • Make free voice callsirrespective of the location
  • Send instant text messages
  • Make free international calls
  • Video chatting

There are a number of VOIP Apps, which have certain unique features. These have actually proved to be a boon and created wonders.Some of the VOIP Apps which enable free international calling are:

The versatile ‘Skype

It is one of the popular VOIP App that most commonly works on windows platform and android I phones. This facilitates free video and voice calling, irrespective of the location and text messaging for a nominal fee. Skype also helps in video conferencing. It is compatible with the software or the operating system and provides a total integration. The use of Skype credits for call making is an additional feature.

The dedicated ‘LINE

The Android users are benefited. This facility enables the users of Android smart phones to make free local and international calls. Even free messaging is possible. This free application fulfills the need in most urgent times.

The Incredible‘I-call

This free App is the most interesting which facilitatesfree calling, video chatting, instant text messaging.I call also enables photo sharing, chatting on social networking sites and live messenger for windows especially for android and I phone users. It is the most highly demanded VOIP in the market and downloaded by a large number of users.

The outstanding ‘Viber

The users of Blackberry, Android, Windows andI phone users can take the chance of free calling to  all  platforms of smart phone, the possibility of which is due to the existence of this particular App. Text messaging and sending or receiving of photos is accommodated through this feature.

The ever ready ‘Vippie

This feature is highly appreciated by the people from the business group as it serves the purpose of delivering files to their clients in the midst of conversations without any interruption and allows for free calling, messaging of video, music and text, making conference calls with high quality sound and video graphics.

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