These 5 Companies were Certified for Google’s First Glass at Work Project

As a consumer product, Google Glass looks silly, is expensive, and has nothing important to do with a person’s life. However, Glass is capable of making a person’s life more productive at his workplace. It is because of this reason companies are still showing interest in Google’s new program.
Google’s Glass at Work project announced earlier this year now gets five new Certified Partners that will aim to show businesses how Glass might be integrated in useful ways for employees and business processes.

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Hundreds of companies applied for the Project, but Google chose just five to be certified partners. The new certified companies include: APX Labs, Augmedix, CrowdOptic, GuidiGo and Wearable Intelligence. These companies have varied focuses covering areas of healthcare, art and culture, live broadcasting, and manufacturing among others.

  • APX Labs: APS Labs claim to manufacture Skylight, a back-end cloud platform which provides workers with hand-free, real-time access to enterprise data and the skills they need to do their job.
  • Augmedix: Audemix helps doctors wearing Glass to push patient information to a database and access that database through the device.
  • CrowdOptic: software delivers big events to fans in a new way with Google Glass. Some of the events they have covered include sports, entertainment, building/security, and medical industries.
  • GuidiGo: Guidigo aspires to connect people with stories told through art and culture. Glass brings us closer to that vision, and by partnering with museums and cultural institutions this becomes accessible to everyone.
  • Wearable Intelligence: Wearable intelligence is making Glassware that manages workflow and communications in the energy, manufacturing and healthcare sectors.

Glass’ brightest success stories helping in surgeries and medical institutions, for instance, have brought a lot of attention to the device, whereas the headset is far from a success and seems to be the butt of jokes in the consumer space. With Google’s announcement of its new partners, you may start watching a “Glass Certified” logo on partner companies’ websites.

For excited users, the reality of the Glass beta program is that it is still a product that is under development and it is certainly not finished.

Source :  Glass at Work