Third-party Keyboards top charts on App Store after iOS 8 release


Following the sale of Apple’s two new iPhones, consumers will also be experiencing Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 8, for the first time. So, what apps are iOs 8 users downloading form the App store?

Today, the top-three paid and top-two free apps on the App store are all third-party keyboards. That’s true. For years Apple has strictly controlled the customization of keyboards of its iPhones and iPads. Now, users are allowed to replace the default iOS keyboard with that of their favorites, including popular third-party apps like SwiftKey and Swype. Swiftkey ranks first on the free app charts after it received 1 million downloads, less than 24 hours after launch.

These keyboard apps are racing up the App Store’s Top Charts. Other keyboard apps have also found their place in the Top 20 in both paid and free apps categories.

However, you need to be careful while downloading these apps because not all the apps actually replace your keyboard. Although the developers have mentioned that some apps are meant as standalone apps, iOS 8 users download some pseudo-keyboard apps and post negative comments about them.

These fake keyboards operate in a gray area along with apps that promise to help you customize your homescreen, lockscreen, install “live wallpaper,” or modify your icons. Many of the apps fail to do so and finally made users believe that iOS was not designed for customization.

It seems that users didn’t pay attention to the fine print, and blindly purchased the apps, and became responsible for getting them listed on the top charts.

But now, with the launch of iOS 8, Apple allows for customization and some of these pseudo-keyboards are again making their way into the top 20. For example, “Pimp My Keyboard” is a free app that grabs the 9th place in the Top free apps chart whose disclaimer explains in the description that you are able to edit the keyboard only within the app. To be clear, it in no way replaces your keyboard.

So, we suggest that before downloading any of the third-party keyboard apps, make sure to check its features.

Via: TechCrunch