This 45-year old, obsessed Lego collector has 13, 000 sets worth $35, 000

Lego collector Christopher-Male 3

Some people make it hard to define the fine line between following a particular hobby and an absolute obsession for it, and obsessions aren’t always results of psychological disorders.

Take an example of this Canadian man, Christopher Male, who is obsessed about Legos. He is 45, and has been collecting Lego sets for past 20-years.

He loved playing with Legos when he was a kid, he grew with them, and they are a part of his life. He has accumulated over 1,300 Lego sets worth $35, 000. Isn’t that an awesome collection? He might not have broken records with his capacity, but he is surely one of the biggest collector of Legos in the world.

Lego collector Christopher-Male 2

When Christopher is in his collection room, his face bears a joy of kid, who happen to land in a Lego world. Best among his builds are a 6 ft tall Eiffel Tower replica and a £235 Death Star replica.

Lego collector Christopher-Male

If you ask Christopher to tell something about his collection, then he would say, “When I show people the Lego room, I get reactions such as ‘wow’, and comments like ‘very impressive’ and ‘this is insane’. The future for me is to keep bringing in as many new sets as possible. Some people probably think I’m a bit mad, but it is my hobby and something I’ll always be passionate about.”

It’s never too late to live your hobbies. Age doesn’t define maturity; neither joy is bound to it. For true wisdom, man must create something that he could claim to be his original creation, let it be a paper-boat, but a man must create.