This is how it looks when Motorsport Maker Designs a Hookah

Hookah has a long history in Middle Eastern cultures, however is treated or rather used as fancy water pipes these days. Earlier in 60’s and 70’s it was a sign of royalty among kings and other royals. It is commonly found these days in every part of the world but modern incarnation of Hookah’s seems to take it back to the history by giving it some great and eye-catching designs.
The new Hookah design named as 1001 has a stunning design that is created by former motorsport concept vehicle designer Christian Zanzotti. We are sure that you would never have expected to see your Hookah pipes in such a design. This hookah combines cutting-edge crafting techniques-such as 3D printing-with sleek materials like anodized aluminum and polished brass.
According to the Thousand and One website, each hand-built, made-to-order hookah is constructed over the course of four weeks using “the highest automotive production standards,”
This Hookah 1001 is manufactured exclusively in Germany fulfilling the heights automotive production standards. Each IOOI is a unique piece and build on request. Production time takes 4 weeks.
The 1001 will cost you $685 (500 Euro) and it seems worth it. Though we expected Motorsport makers to design a Hookah that gives a look of Ferrari and Mercedes, however 1001 is indeed a nice design that will for sure take Hookah’s to a new heights and new standards.