This is how you can watch age-restricted videos on YouTube without logging in


YouTube is the first place where billions of people go to watch funny videos online. But one thing that keeps us annoying is having to sign in repeatedly to access age-restricted videos when we don’t want to create a Google Account. Although this is a good thing to follow to prevent minors from watching inappropriate content, it often is a unnecessary step for an adult. Luckily, there are simple tricks that let you watch age-restricted videos on YouTube.

  1. Change the URL

If you replace the ‘watch? V=’ part of the address  with ‘v/’, you’ll be directed to the video without the rest of the YouTube site, and the video will take up your whole browser window.

For example, you would take this link:,

And change it to this

  1. Using a Redirect Site

Alternatively, you can add nsfw to the beginning of the URL.

For example:


this directs you to a different site to play the video.

Via: Techtuft