Timberman Draws Deeper Engagement as Flappy Bird

Timberman is drawing deeper engagement from mobile gamers and it doesn’t involve any sort of bird at all. However, the game does have some common features with the popular game Flappy Bird, including simple, retro-style graphics and sounds.

Timberman Is The New Flappy BirdThe game has been on the app store for quite some time. However, instead of tapping on the screen every now and then to fly through an obstacle, in Timberman things are slightly different. You’re not dodging green pipes here, instead you’re cutting down a tree by tapping on one side or the other, trying to avoid branches that are falling towards you. Sounds an easy game, but hard to master it.

Pick the axe as every lumberjack does and cut the trees as fast as you can. The game also reportedly adds new characters as you progress. With that, you also get the chance to play as backwood loggers, Vikings, Mr. T and even Jason.  There are four variable environments and 8 lumberjacks to unlock. As you get deeper into the game, getting a good run becomes easier but improving your score becomes tough.

Timberman Is The New Flappy BirdAfter a few rounds, it is difficult for you to detect how close the branches are to your character and you are likely to lose the game.

Unlike Flappy bird, Timberman has a time limit. “Every swing of your axe gains a tiny amount of charge, but the longer you spend chopping away at the trunk, the quicker the bar drains. Once that meter runs out, it’s also game over.”

Master your skills for top rankings on the leaderboards.

According to Timberman creator Paweł Kitajewski, Apple featuring the game as an Editor’s Choice led to the recent spike in downloads, with 1 million of its 2.5 million total downloads taking place in the last three days:

Timberman Is The New Flappy Bird

The game can be downloaded for free from both the App store and the Google Play Store. But those who are willing to shell out $0.99 can enjoy ad-free “Timberman” plus “more characters to unlock.