Tiptop -A Movable Speaker that works with Bluetooth

When the word speaker is uttered what comes to mind is those humongous and rather unwieldy speakers that are part of a music system. One cannot envisage a speaker that is compact and best of all portable. And that too one that can be integrated is something the mind refuses to consider.


Introducing Tiptop – A speaker that also happens to be Bluetooth enabled. This is the creation of three students that have come out of Stanford University. This speaker has been designed to work while being portable and is an integrated audio system. Tiptop has been designed to work with any device that is Bluetooth enabled. Tiptop is ready to be put to use as soon as you get it out of the box. You do have to fuss about with buttons or wires. The volume can be controlled from your device.


Space is another factor that has been considered while the Tiptop was being designed. It neatly and conveniently fits into the corner of your wall with the help of magnets, instead of taking up space elsewhere. The mount in the portable Tiptop has inbuilt magnets. This magnet that is in the mount can be put to many other uses too when you do not have the tiptop on them.


The range of the Tiptop is 30 feet and has the inbuilt Bluetooth 3.0. It has a lithium ion battery within the speaker that can be recharged. Once fully recharged it works for 10 hours. The device can also be charged using micro USB.



You can own a Tiptop, to do that backup the project by contributing $175 at Kickstarter. As of now the Tiptop is only available within USA . The availability for other areas to be announced very soon.