To InfiniBand and Beyond! [Infographic]

The monstrous Internet revolution of the 1990s had a profound impact on the progression of computer networking. Invented by Robert Metcalfe, Ethernet became the accepted standard. Metcalfe founded 3com in 1979 and convinced Digital Equipment Corporation, Intel, and Xerox to cooperatively promote Ethernet as a standard. Over 100,000 Ethernet adapter cards were sold by 3com by 1985.

As a result of latency and performance issues, however, new technologies began to emerge in the 2000s, most notably Mellanox’s InfiniBand, a low-latency, high-bandwidth interconnect used in thousands of data centers and high-performance compute clusters and now cloud computing environments. In 2008, Oracle Corporation, HP, and IBM released database and network storage systems using InfiniBand infrastructure. A year later, Mellanox would evolve into a produce of end-to-end systems. In 2010, sale-out network storage manufacturers increasingly adopted InfiniBand as primary cluster interconnect for modern NAS designs. InfiniBand offers fast, superior performance, low latency, incredible efficiency, and price competitiveness.

Among the benefits of InfiniBand based clouds include server to server networks running at 80Gbps, as well as server to storage networks running at 80Gbps. Big data projects and Hadoop clusters run at extreme performance.

To learn more about Ethernet and InfiniBand, check out the full infographic!

High Performance Cloud Computing Networks – [Infographic]