Tomorrow Machine’s “This Too Shall Pass’ Series Offer the Same Shelf Life as their Contents

Swedish firm Tomorrow machine based in Stockholm and Paris is best known for packaging, product and food concepts. Tomorrow Machine’s whimsical designs are not only fun and interactive for the consumer, but are also a study in biodegradable food packaging.

Clipboard01We all know that one big chunk of the price we pay for the product goes to the packaging. Also, extravagant packaging isn’t only expensive but also contributes to the big amount of waste that spreads over landfills.

Tomorrow machine showcases three items in a vividly colored series dubbed as “This too shall Pass” that are pleasing to the eye and the Mother Earth. These containers offer the same shelf life as their contents.

tomorrow-machine-2The first is a caramelized sugar bottle intended for use with olive oil. The package can be cracked open like an egg.

tomorrow-machine-4The second is a triangular shaped beeswax cover for packing dry items like rice and can be peeled like an orange to access the contents inside.

tomorrow-machine-5The third is arguably the most spectacular smoothie carton made of agar agar seaweed gel. This package is designed for drinks that have a short life span and require refrigeration like cream, smoothie and fruit juice.



Via : creativegreed