Top 10 AJAX Tutorials For Free

The use of AJAX on websites and blogs is taken for granted these days. The users and viewers coming to these websites or blogs expect it. They want to edit the page within the site, search queries in auto-suggestive manner, submit any form without refreshing the page, and lots more. They want a complete user friendly website. These things make the web browsing lot more easy, faster, and pleasurable.

The AJAX is just not for every application or website. The developer must know the perfect use of AJAX, so that he/she can make use of AJAX at right place. Overuse of AJAX can lead to aggravation of user. Sometimes, the imperfect use of AJAX also causes misunderstanding. So, a balance should always be made between the use of AJAX and website in which it is used. In this article, you will read about the Top 10 AJAX Tutorials For Free. It will be a great fun to explore the AJAX tutorials, so that you can use them properly at right place.

Shopping Cart with jQuery, PHP and CSS based on AJAX

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Using this tutorial, you can easily create an AJAX based shopping cart. You can store all the products in MYSQL by using PHP. The use of jQuery will deliver AJAX on website page. If you use simpletip plug-in, you can easily deliver interactive checkout process.

Twitter List Fan Page Powered by AJAX

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Twitter had launched ‘lists’ feature recently. Using it, you can group your followers and categorize them. You can also learn how create widget which will flip list the other way round. You have to use a new API Key for this purpose. This widget will allow the viewers to fill their Twitter names and join special fan list.

AJAX website with jQuery

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You can create a basic AJAX based website using PHP, CSS, and jQuery. After completing the coding work, the website will load its pages through AJAX taking PHP as backend. It also supports the browser history completely. Achieving this is a great task using AJAX.

Multiple File Upload Form through AJAX using jQuery

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The AJAX multiple file upload form option uses negligible server side code and provides a great user interface. This reduces the time required in its actual development. jQuery had helped significantly in this process.

AJAX Delete jQuery

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Removing content using AJAX is very helpful for web designer. The few lines of jQuery can easily remove or delete the entries and records from the database through AJAX. With this demo, you can see a red cross on right of each comment. You can also remove the comment DIV by clicking to this cross and also through slide up animation.

AJAX jQuery and PHP based Voting System

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The Dzone will suggest the users to vote for any particular link, giving their reviews to the article or website content. In this demo, you will learn to re-create unique voting system by use of AJAX, PHP, and jQuery.

AJAXify WordPress Comment Posting

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You can learn how to facilitate AJAXed comments through client side JavaScript comment form for any WordPress Blog. There are many plug-INS in WordPress to AJAXify comments.

AJAX powered Dynamic Scrolling Content Box

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This tutorial will help you out in creating dynamic content box that will easily load list items, add on the list items just like the Google Reader does.

Creating AJAX File Uploader

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This application will allow the users to upload multiple files without refreshing the page. It also supports front-end and back-end validation, so that upload of unwanted files is prevented to your server.

Making Web Application Using AJAX

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The AJAX based web applications will allow you to create slideshow presentation. It makes use of vigorous functionality with simple code to create such web application.