Top 10 Chromecast Hacks, Tricks For Mac & Windows

Chromecast was developed by Google and it is a digital media streaming adapter. This device is also called as dongle that plays audio and video on HD television by connecting it from the Internet via Wi-Fi. Users can select any audio or video from their phone or any other device to play it on TV. Its ability of playing songs from various sources made the users love this app. At first the device has to be connected with the TV’s HDMI port and then you can manage the audio and video from your phones, tablets or computers. But make sure that it should be connected with the same Wi-Fi network with the Chromecast. Here we’re presenting the unique list of Top 10 Chromecast Hacks Tricks For Mac & Windows:

Local files streaming from Chrome Browser

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According to the people, this device is not much dependent on Internet. Because videos and other friendly files can be streamed locally that are stored on their computer. This is really a plus point for this device which will make this device one step ahead from its competitors. To make this work, there are two alternatives both for Mac and Windows. Press Ctrl + O for Mac and Ctrl +O for windows followed by the Cast button when the file started playing. For more information: Chrome Store.

PC display on TV should be Duplicated

You can reflect the complete screen with the help of Google Cast Extension. This feature is not known to everyone till now but this is an experimental method and audio will not work. You can try it by clicking Cast button in Chrome and find in the menu “Cast this tab to”.

Watch shared videos from friends

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You can watch movies and videos along with your friend from your own house. This is possible because of the Plex. Your friends can allow you limited or full access to their files by creating a server on their Mac or Windows computer.

For better playback, Tweak Chromecast

If you want to stream audio from your devices to TV, then fast Internet is not required but when you want to do the same thing to watch movie then it becomes necessary. If you want to enjoy the movie without any interruptions then a h1 wireless connection is needed.

More Setting Up

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Some extra settings are required for streaming to Chromecast extension. In the Cast Extension, click ‘options’ button. Then by right clicking, select Inspect element. Search for two lines containing ‘display: none’. By deleting both the texts, new options should be displayed. Now you can enjoy setting up Cast’s option.

While surfing on web, keep full screen video

While streaming a movie from any device, you are free to close the app and can use the device for any other purpose. But for doing this similar thing for the computer, the video should be kept in full screen in Chrome so as to have the same feature on your TV.

Factory reset your Chromecast

If you are facing any problems with the TV dongle then you should reset the device to factory settings. To do this, you can manually hold the button on your chrome cast more than 25 seconds until the LED starts blinking.

Team viewer should be used as a remote control

Chromecast Hacks, Tricks For Mac & Windows (2)

This app should be used if you want to connect your device with the other computer that is kept in other room. Click Here to Download.

Improve experience using Home theatre

If you have a better sound system, then you will be disappointed as the Chrome cast has only one HDMI port. But you can buy HDMI audio connector from the market that can help resolving your problem.

Download chrome cast wallpaper

There is some beautiful wallpaper that will be displayed on the TV screen when your device is not streaming anything.