Top 10 Cost Per Impression Ad Networks

If you’re running your own website or blog then you must know about the ways of earning through your website. According to the previous survey, enthusiasts come to know that most of the websites are using Google Adsense as their first and sometimes only way to earn money. But a plenty of wonderful ways are also there! You must look upon Pay per click, pay per action, Pay per sale, pay per lead and much more. Different modes uses different ways of methods. As in CPA programs, you’ll be paid after an action is done like filling any form etc. But in CPM programs you don’t have to do lot of things to earn money.

In CPM programs, you’ve to follow few steps and your work will be done!
• Initially, you’ve to sign up for any CPM program.
• After that you’ll get an Ad code.
• Paste that Ad code on your website and the work is done!

After these steps, you will start earning according to CPM rate per thousand impressions. There s no need to worry about the number of clicks on the Ad. Because you’ll be paid after every one thousand impressions.

Here, we’ve shown a listing of Top 10 Cost Per Impression Ad Networks which offers you to earn more will good Ad rates. Prior to selecting any network, just read the requirements first. No doubt, your websites will start earning more through these Ad networks.

Tribal Fusion

Cost Per Impression Ad Network (1)

If you’re looking for a popular and obviously high CPM rate provider network, then Tribal Fusion is one. Basically, it’s well known just because of its amazing CPM rates. But you can only apply for this network when your website is having more than 500,000 unique visitors per month.


Cost Per Impression Ad Network (2)

Basically, is considered as the part of AOL. And it’s also counted among the most popular CPM Ad network. To earn more through this network, your website must have huge number of unique visitors per month.

Casale Media

Cost Per Impression Ad Network (3)

Some bloggers seek for such kinds of networks which provide fix Ad rates. And Casale Media provides the same. Along with that, its Ad rates are very high and hence allow you to earn more. In order to be a part of this network, your website need to have 50,000 unique uses per month.

Burst Media

Cost Per Impression Ad Network (4)

Just with 25,000 pages views per month or 5,000 unique views, you can be a part of this network. And it not only provides excellent CPM Ad rates but it also provides the feature to have complete control over the Ad which is going to be displayed on your website.

CPX Interactive

Cost Per Impression Ad Network (5)

According to Inc. Magazine (2008), CPX Interactive was considered as sixth most rapidly growing Advertising Company in United States. And if we consider the Ad rates, then it’s just amazing!

Technorati Media

Cost Per Impression Ad Network (6)

As we all know Technorati Media is considered as the biggest social media advertising network. Just because of its good relationship with customers, it’s very popular. Most importantly, this advertising network has tie ups with MSN, Yahoo, CNET, Google and much more.


Cost Per Impression Ad Network (7)

BannerConnect has been providing its service since 2004 and hence, considered as most trust-worthy Advertising Network. And its Ad rates are also good enough to help you to earn more.

ValueClick Media

Cost Per Impression Ad Network (8)

ValueClick Media provides the easiest way to earn well through your website. And it also provides full control over the advertisement which is going to be displayed. And it’s user support feature is just awesome.


Cost Per Impression Ad Network (9) provides amazing facility for those who’re looking for well established Ad network. It’s having various 30 channels for better relation with advertising organizations. In order to use this network, you must have 500,000 monthly page views and more than 250,000 pages views should be form US circle.


Cost Per Impression Ad Network (10)

AdPepper is fastest growing Advertising network and also provides various unique features. It allows you to get your payment weekly.