Top 10 Educational Android Apps For Kids

Within a small interval of time, Android OS has established a strong position in the field of Mobile operating systems. As it’s getting popular, more and more application are getting included in the Android market. Presently, you can find thousands applications of each category (games, entertainment, education, security etc) in Android Market.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the android applications on Education category. For Now, you can find more than 3000 applications on education category in android market. But how to find appropriate applications for your child from these 3000? You don’t have to think more. In order to narrow your search we’ve created a list of Top 10 Educational Android Apps For Kids.

Undoubtedly, this set of educational apps not only help your child for educational purpose but also provide technical knowledge. So, it’s time to pick up the best for your child!

AniWorld Lite

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For one to Five aged kids, AniWorld Lite is very interesting and excellent application. This application allows the kids to learn the names of various animals but in an entertaining way. Because it’s providing an amazing ‘Hey, Pet Me’ feature, with which kids can pet the animals and feel them. Mainly, it’s very much easy-to-use for kids and kids enjoy this application for sure.

Kids Numbers and Math

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It’s name clearly defines about itself. But it’s not a normal number related application. It provide the feature to learn about number 1-20 in an impressive way. This application is very impressive and entertaining and also features with various math exercises to solve. In the free version, you’ve limited features to use but in paid version, the app become more interesting and helpful.


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If your kid is getting older and you want a work-oriented application for your child. Then HomeWork is the best application. With this application, kids can schedule their homework with respect to time, set reminders, make plan for exam days and manage time for other activity. It supports both screen angles and also compatible with tablets.

Famigo Sandbox

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Famigo Sandbox is an astounding and featured application to make your Android device safe for your child use. This application provides a list of certified and safe application for kids and parents are allowed to choose the apps from the list according to them. And it doesn’t show any kind of ads or purchasable application.

iStory Books

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iStory Books is very entertaining application for kids use. It provides free books for kids which includes colorful pictures, voices in various languages. It also allows your child to learn various languages. Initially, it provides Eleven Free books and after every two weeks, there in addition of new books.

0-10 Numbers

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0-10 Numbers is interesting application to fun with with numbers. The application is designed for kids aged less than four. It allows your child to do fun with numbers and it’s providing appropriate accent, impressive colors and dynamic characters.

Steamy Window

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According to human nature, kids love to make drawings on steamy window. So just hand-over the tablet/SmartPhone with this application to your kids. And see how they draw down their imagination on the screen. And you can also add more steam, just by blowing in the mike.

How to Make Paper Airplanes

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Undoubtedly, each and every kid (even you also) try to make various kinds of paper planes but unluckily not get success all the time. But with this application, kids can make paper planes in proper way which also increases their mental ability.

Ant Smasher

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Basically, Ant Smasher is a gaming application for the kids aged more than four. In this application, kids have to smash the ants with their fingers. But don’t smash the bees! If you’re considering it as easy then you’re completely wrong. Mainly, this application not only provide entertainment for kids but also help to strengthen their reflexes.

Classic Simon

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As the records suggest, Classic Simon has been popular for a long time. Now you can download this game from Android market for your kids and allow them to enter in the new gaming world.