Top 10 Free Download Sites

With things slowing down economically speaking, people are starting to tighten their belts and cut down costs. This seems the only way to deal with slow growth and increasing costs. In a situation like this one of the things that will really help is having a list of sites where you can download for free. But the downside you may end up with viruses and malware along with the stuff you download that could harm your computer. Here is a list of sites where free and helpful; download is possible in a secure manner.

Pirate Bay –  The Pirate Bay has been striving to stay in the net while the mavens of the  net are trying to get it closed on a permanent basis as some users tend to use it to illegally download. But the site is worth relying on and offers a huge array of torrents for free downloading. You will find movies, games or music here  for free

1 –  This site that is approved by CNET approved site offers a huge list of shareware and freeware that can be downloaded very easily and quickly. Most of it may pertain to software and games you could also discover free applications for iOS, Android or Windows powered devices


IsoHunt –  As this site holds one of the biggest ISO libraries across the globe, this makes it on of the top site for free downloading. It has music, games, movies and software that is free of virus.  The emphasis here is on legal downloads.

Vertor –  Another site for torrent, this site is secure and reliable  and offers free downloads. This is done by removing bad torrents, DRM locks, passwords, fakes and viruses. It is really simple to use.

Monova – Is yet another site that is easy and offers free downloads. It is suitable for those who are not well versed with downloading on the net and will ensure that even new users have an easy experience. You can access software, movies and music here

H33t –  You may think of this site as slightly more complex, but the millions of torrents here from across the globe make it a very good site for free downloading. It is great for people who want to download movie, television shows and music

Bit Snoop –  Ranks as the biggest site for free downloads as it has a an amazing 18 million files that are indexed. The interface may not be that easy to use for all due to the humongous library but it still ranks at the top

Thunderbytes –  Though this site may not possess a huge database like the others, but its advantage lies in a smaller group and more exclusivity which also ensures cleaner downloads.

Seed Peer –  This site ranks among the best as the user interface is really friendly . You will find a good collection of software, games, music and movies to pick from. Plus the site is not that stuffed with ads which means it is a great experience for those seeking a safe and simple download for free


Torlock – This is an one of a kind site that actually offers commission to those users who discover fake torrents and downloads or detect viruses in the downloads. The site is free for downloading and there is a chance to get paid. Plus you can be sure that downloads are safe and clean here


That completes the list of sites for free downloads. You can check them out and tell us what you feel.