Top 10 Free Parental Control Applications

The regular progression of internet is making it a new world of knowledge, fun and mainly liberty. Anyone can post anything around the web whether appropriate or inappropriate information and media files. And the development in the gadgets, it becomes very easy to use internet which allows the children to get in contact with inappropriate and adult websites. And those parents who want to restrict their children to use adult websites should use parental control application.

In this article we’re presenting the collection of Top 10 Free Parental Control Applications which allows the parents to monitor the online activities of their children and block unsuitable websites.

Kidsatch Family Protection Suite

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For those parents who don’t allow want to allow their children to enter in the bad society and stop them to get inappropriate information from the internet should use this application. With this application, you can block the access of porn websites and various pop-ups. And it alo provides the key-logger feature which allows the parents to keep eye on the chats and mails of their children. And its premium account provides more parental control features.


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With Visikid, you can get the proper can complete information about what your children is watching on the internet and block unsuitable website. And this application also allows the users to fix the timing of internet usage. And after every week, parents will get the email contains the complete information about the internet usage of the kid. Now, keep your eyes on your kids with this amazing application.


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PGSurfer provides the complete package of parental control application features. Usually, children click on the inappropriate pop-ups on various websites. This application allows parents to block porn sites, gambling sites and much more. With this application you can also manage the time of internet usage for kids. And this application also restrict the downloads which contains inappropriate contents.

AVG Family Safety

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AVG is well-known name in the category of antivirus applications. And AVG Family Safety is also astounding and featured parental control application like other AVG products. Along with blocking inappropriate website, it also provides complete security from the hackers. And whenever anyone tries to access any blocked website from your computer, you’ll get the notification instantly.

Norton Online Family

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If you’re looking for any application which allows you to monitor your children online activities time to time, then Norton Online Family is best application. It allows you to monitor activities via iPad or your iPhone. You can easily block those sites which are not suitable for your children. And you’ll get instant notification, if anything tries to open that websites.


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Basically, Kidzui is kids oriented web browser where children can enjoy its own social networking website. And which allows your child to share their videos, images and other media files with other Kidzui members. And the interface is very intuitive and child friendly. Basically, it manipulate Kids mind to use Kidzui than that of any other application.

B Gone

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Like other parent control application, B Gone also allows you to restrict inappropriate for your children. Most importantly, this application filters the website according to fixed keywords. And it also blocks inappropriate pop-ups.

K9 Web Protection

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K9 Web Protection is featured parental control application. With this application, you can block adult websites and other unsuitable websites as well. This application also equipped with the feature of blocking spywares some instant messaging applications like Yahoo, MSN and AOL. The regular upgrade of this application allows you to enjoy latest features every day.


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For Window users, Pikluk is very amazing application. In order to use this application, parents have to create an account. And after that they’ll get their own dashboard where they can select the websites to block.

Windows Family Safety

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Window Family Safety is especially designed and developed for window users. With this application, you can easily block the access of porn and adult websites for your children.