Top 10 Free Video Editing Applications

With amazing advancement in the technology, we can capture high definition pictures and videos. But it’s the age of creating something new and creative. And hence, with some video editing applications, you can modify the videos in your own way. You can mix up various videos to create a new one or interchange the track of videos and much more. As there are plenty of video editing applications are available in the market for free and paid as well. Undoubtedly, paid applications and especially oriented towards professional working and hence provide a lot of features. But some free applications also provide a set of amazing features. Today we’re providing the collection of Top 10 Free Video Editing Applications. This set of applications also allows the users to edit and modify the videos professionally.

Microsoft Movie Maker

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Undoubtedly, Microsoft Movie Maker is preferred by most of the computer users who users Windows as the operating system. Most importantly, you’ll get this application along with Window and hence you don’t have to search for it. And this application provides lots of features for editing videos in a creative way. You can also easily upgrade the features and download various add-ons from Microsoft website.

Virtual Dub

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Virtual dub is creative and fully equipped video editing application. It provides an Open source feature which is updated by developers on regular basis. This application also provides two various streams to provide real time view and much more. The set of features this application id providing are just amazing.

Pinnacle VideoSpin

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Those users (whether novice or expert) who are looking for such kind of video editing application which provides an intuitive user interface, should try Pinnacle VideoSpin for once. With the providing user interface, you can easily navigate through out the application and easily access all of its features. And it’s equipped with various credits and titles which provides creativity in video editing.


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If you’re filled with the creativity and ability to create small movies, then MovieStorm provides you a platform to express your creativity. The application provides a 3-D movie creating feature and also allows the users to import various animations and digital effects. And most importantly, even beginner users can also use this application very easily and professionals also take benefit of this application.


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With Avidemux, you can use the professional video editing features for free. This amazing application provides the features like task encoding, cutting and joining, various filters and much more. This application supports various video formats such as AVI, MEPG, ASF, MP4 and some more. You should give a try to this amazing application.


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Blender is considered as fully featured video editing application. This application allows you to work on D Graphics, various animations, modeling, rendering and much more. Most importantly, this free application also provides the feature of game creation. And just because of it Multiple OS compatibility, you can use this application in any Operating system whether you’re using windows, Linux or Mac.

Avid FreeDV

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Generally, Avid FreeDV offers a little bit complex and difficult user interface which make it hard to use for beginners. But after becoming familiar to this application and all of its features, you will consider it the best video editing application to use. And this application is fully compatible with Mac and Windows.


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If you’re an experienced video editor and still looking for a free application to modify videos, then Zwei-Stein is appropriate according to your need. No doubt, beginner generally find this application difficult to use. With this effective application, you can do almost everything to the videos. For now, you’ll get 64 different visual effects to modify the videos.


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Initially, this application was created by college students as their academic project. But after a few modification by talented and experienced developers, this application get transform into a fully featured and powerful video editing application.