Top 10 Paid Applications For iOS 7

Most of the times, we’ve provided the set of best application which you can download for free. Undoubtedly, it’s absolutely true that paid application allows the user to enjoy more features than that of free applications. All iPhone users must know about the recent update of iOS which is iOS 7. Today, we’re presenting the collection of Top 10 Paid Applications For iOS 7.

Generally, people opt to download free applications, but if you’re looking for some special kind of application which is equipped with some unique kind of features then you should go for the pain ones. Most importantly, these applications truly deserve that mush price.


Top Paid Applications For iOS 7 (1)

Most of us are completely familiar with WhatApp. It’s ranked as the best messenger application among all other applications of this kind. With this application, you can send photos, audio files, video files and text messages to each other. And it’ll also notify you about every new message. Most importantly, the messenger app provides very fast service and hence makes the chatting more interesting. In order to use this application, you’ve to register with your phone number.


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In this period of social networking, image and video editing applications becomes necessary to gaing appreciating from friends in such websites. And AfterLight allows the users to transform the normal photos to dynamic ones. With this application, you can change brightness, apply various filters, change sharpness, exposure and much more. After modification, it also offers you to share it to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and others.

Couch to 5K

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As we all know, it’s very important to maintain our health to earn more and more wealth. So “Couch to 5K” is the most appropriate application which offers you to take care of your health properly. Via this application, you can manage your complete workout routine properly and set your goals according to your body requirement. Along with this, you can enjoy amazing music while workout. Isn’t it interesting?


Top Paid Applications For iOS 7 (1)

Do you love to play music instruments? Then, you’re going to love with this application. The amazing application allows you to enjoy the entire music studio in your iPhone. It offers you to play drums, guitars, piano and much more things. After that, you can share music to Youtube, Facebook etc.

Downhill Supreme

Top Paid Applications For iOS 7 (2)

The best list of iPhone applications can’t complete with an interesting game. If you love to face challenges then you’ll love this game for sure. In this game, you’ve to balance your cycle while riding using pedal button placed on the right side of the screen. We are personally recommending that it’s one of the must have application for iOS 7 users.


Top Paid Applications For iOS 7 (4)

If you’ve to reach somewhere in time, but you don’t have sufficient time then you generally look for the shortest way to reach there. And Route is the application which perfectly tells you the shortest path to reach your destination. If you’re having your company, then you should prefer this application for your delivery boys. You must try this for once.

Clean Eating Recipe

Top Paid Applications For iOS 7 (3)

Undoubtedly, everyone loves to eat various delicious things. And Clean Eating Recipe is one of the best iOS applications which offer you to prepare 80 different foods. Along with this astounding feature it’s also providing various other features like Creating shopping list, calendar planner and much more. And you’ll get more than that you pay for this application.

iTranslate Voice

Top Paid Applications For iOS 7 (5)

Another best application in this list is iTranslate which allows the users to make voice to voice conversation in various 42 languages and developers are going on adding more languages. Let’s start conversation with your family with this amazing application.

Quick Scan Pro

Top Paid Applications For iOS 7 (6)

Last but not the least, Quick Scan Pro is amazingly designed application for iPhone users. Basically, this application is developed for financial use. With this application, you can scan the barcodes on the products and search for the best price among the popular retailers and many more other features.

According to our records, we’ve mentioned almost all amazing application for iOS 7, but if you think that the list should contain any other application then, please share it with us in the comment box.