Top 10 Spy Applications for Android Device

If you’re looking for spy applications for your Android Smartphone, then you’re at the perfect place. Today we’re presenting the collection of Top 10 Spy Applications for Android Device. This application allows you to do a plenty of activities secretly. But don’t try to do unauthorized activity with this set of application.

Cell Tracker

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If you’ve to track someone? Like any delivery boy or sales/marketing executive of your company, to whom you’ve provided the company’s mobile. If you’ve installed this application on that mobile then you can easily inspect the present location of the cell. Because cell tracker is equipped with the feature of collecting the information of the current location with GPRS or Wi-Fi. You just have to click on “View Now” to see the current location of the device.

Children Tracker

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With the rapid change in the environment, the crime level of the community is also increasing. And parents usually worry about their children if their children are entering in any kind of crime or not. So it’s not a bad idea to track their mobile. Just download Children tracker to the mobile of your child, install it, run it and make it hidden. And after that you can keep eye where your child goes.

Ear Spy

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Do you want to hear what your surrounding is talking about when you’re enjoying music in your Smartphone via earphones? Ear Spy allows you to do so! It automatically amplifies the sound of your surroundings with the microphone of your device and allows you to hear it clearly. And it’s also featured with an equalizer option which makes the sound more clear and make it audible.

Mobile Hidden Camera

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Hidden camera is undoubtedly the most astounding part of spy application. Just install this application and activate it. And instantly, you can capture the snapshots just by tapping on the screen of the phone. And if you’ve switched on the video mode, it’ll automatically captures the video (High Definition) until you stop it. And this application provides very easy-to-use interface for its users.

Sneaky Cam

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Like Mobile Hidden Camera, Sneaky Cam is also a spy cam application. And this application allows you to appear working on another app while you’re clicking snapshots. You can choose the image of anything (browser, music application etc) behind which you can run Sneaky cam. And you can capture snapshots just by tapping on the screen of the mobile device.

Spy Message

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Spy message is very amazing spy application. If you want to send that kind of message to any one which you don’t want to keep save in his mobile phone then Spy Message is the appropriate mobile application. You can set the time of the self destruction of the message. And the message will delete automatically after completion of the set timing.

Secret Calls

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In order to protect your phone contacts and other call activities from the reach of everyone, you should use Secret Calls. Just download this application from the provided link and install it to your device. And just after the installation it hides the phonebook or contact icon from your mobile devices and start deleting information regarding incoming and outgoing call automatically.

Spy Video Recorder

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Like other hidden video recording application, Spy Video Recorder also allows the user to capture videos secretly. And its core feature is its intuitive and simple graphical user interface. You can easily use all its features just by single tap.

Secret Agent Fake Call

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You’ve seen a plenty of fake call application but this application is only one of its kind. With this application, you can select the identity of fake call and also select the appropriate time of the fake call. This application also provides the feature to record the entire conversation previously. It’s very amazing application to play a prank on your friends.