Top 7 PHP Tools for Web Developers

If we talk about the most preferable programming languages among the web application developers, PHP is at the top most position for creating unique and creative web applications. Generally, Web application developers look for Such PHP tools which are able to provide sharpness to their work and obviously help them to complete their work rapidly in easier way.

Here we’re presenting Top 7 PHP Tools for Web Developers which allows the developers to generate something creative with their innovation and help of such tools. If you’re a PHP developer then don’t wait! Just select the best provided tools according to your need and provide a face to your imagination. We’re always here to provide you sufficient help with our useful and knowledgeable articles.


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DebugBar is very amazing Php tool which can be used in any kind of PHP work or collection and presentation of profiling data. And it’s totally compatible with Ajax requests. And this amazing tool also consists of standard data collectors for libraries. Basically this bar acquires its place in the footer and it’s completely JavaScript.

Monsta FTP

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Basically, Monsta FTP is PHP cloudware and which places the FTP file management on the web browser. The user can easily drag and drop files into the web browser. And it also provides the feature of live screen editing. And presently this tool is offering multi-language support. This tool is very helpful and easy to use as well. You can download this for free and install it in your server.

Phalcon PHP

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Phalcon PHP is well-known framework. It’s written in C language with independence of platform. And this tool is available on various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux etc. And the user interface of this tool is very intuitive and hence very likable by novice PHP developers.


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phpMyFAQ allows the user to create a fully featured FAQ system which includes the different categories, start rating and much more things. With this tool, you can also allow the various users to ask their queries and share their view regarding other questions. Ann it’s also providing an amazing search option, with which users can search the answers of their questions. And you can also set Most popular questions, Latest asked questions and much more.


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PHPImageWorkshop is generally a photo editing application which allows the user to manage the image files with PHP. Basically, it’s somewhere identical application as compare to Photoshop. It allows the user to edit the image with PHP. You can Rotate image file, resize it according to your need, crop it, and Add watermarks. And you can imply the changes to plenty of image files altogether.


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Pico provides the feature of Content Management System. This tool uses flat-files as its database which is simple created with PHP. And this application works instantly, there is no set-up feature, And the content store in this CMS is in the markdown (.md) format and hence can be edited in any text editor app. This application is popular because of its flawless interface.


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As its name suggests, CaseBox is PHP oriented application which allows the user to store the data. This application provides very clean and clear interface where you can save data with respect to different categories and create as many directories as you want. With this application, you can assign work to various employers and regularly check the status to work. And this app also allows you to save the personal details and work related information of clients.