Top 7 WordPress Plugins to Increase Social Sharing

In this time, online business is growing with very fast speed. Even very small companies are trying their best to enter in the online field. Because the online work field doesn’t have the limited boundaries, if you’re capable then you can spread your business all around the world. As we’ve kept our eyes on the online market status for a long time, we’ve seen that many websites which are providing amazing quality of content but unfortunately fail to earn good money. The only reason behind such problems is improper social engagement.

Even if you’re providing outstanding quality of content but not providing any platform for your visitors to share it with their friends, relatives and co-workers, then it leads to automatic decrease in the number of visitor for your website. It doesn’t mean that you should daily mail them and ask them to join you on social media websites such as Twitter or Facebook. The best solution is to create amazing content and add social media plugins to your website. Simply, if you make your website more social, your websites will gather more and more attention and visitors as well and earn more money also.

Below we’re presenting the set of Top 7 WordPress Plugins to Increase Social Sharing. These plugins allows your visitors to share the articles of your website socially.

Digg Digg

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For social sharing purpose, Digg Digg is most appropriate plugin. This plugin offers the visitors to share the content of your website to any social network they want to. It’s upto you that which social network you want to include in the social share bar. According to us, you should include Facebook, Goolge Plus, Twitter and Pinterest. After getting the proper knowledge about this plugin, you can customize it according to the theme of your website.

Social Stickers

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Most important thing in the website is its user interface. If your visitors find it easy to share any content socially through your website then nothing can be better than this. And it can be possible with this amazing WordPress Plugin which helps you to attact the buttons of social networks to the footer or the sidebar of your website. Basically, you can add the social media buttons as many as you want to. But most importantly add the buttons of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and RSS feed.

Facebook Like Box

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In order to connect your visitors to the facebook page of your website, this is an appropriate plugin for you. With the code provided by facebook, you can add the facebook like box to your website where you want to. You can also add the conversation option. Basically, you must show the faces of the persons who like your page. And this plugin automatically shows the friends of the users who have liked your page.

Follow on Twitter Button

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As we know, Twitter is considered as one of the biggest social networking site. You must allow you users to follow your professional twitter link which allows them to connect with recent updates. And you can do this with this plugin “Follow on Twitter Button”. This plugin allows you to attach a twitter button to your website. With which, your visitors can easily follow you on twitter.

All in One SEO

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In order to attract proper number of visitors from any search engine, you must make your website searchable on the search engines. Just by importing good quality stuff can make this for. According to records “All in One SEO” is he plugin which allows your website to make its presence on the search engigines and provide good results for you.

Disqus Comment System

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A proper commenting system is another specific requirement for social engagement of the website. Because it allows the visitors to share their views and suggesting regarding your website. And according to their suggestions, you can improve your websites in a better way. And Disqus Comment System is the amazing plugin for this task.

nRelate Related Content

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With the installation of this plugin, it’ll start showing related articles of the same category just below every article. And hence, visitors usually check out the related post and hence the average time on the website which leads to decrease in bounce rates.