Top 8 Free Remote Accessing Applications in 2013

Are you in your office and any significant information is saved in home computer which you want now? Then, no need to worry! Because we’re going to discuss about remote accessing applications which allows its users to access the data of one computer from another computer from any other location. If your relatives are facing any problem in using computer, you can check that from your computer. And these application also helps you to keep an aye on the work of your employer or other team members.

Here we’re presenting the collection of Top 8 Free Remote Accessing Applications in 2013 which offers its users to share files with others and access their data. Basically, we’re providing free remote accessing applications but if you want to access more featured application and you’re ready to pay. Then, we’ve also such kind of applications.

Just give a look to this outstanding collection; you’ll like it for sure. And If you’ve any better suggestion regarding remote accessing applications, please do share with us. Our main target is to work for the convenience of our visitors.


Remote Accessing Applications (1)

Undoubtedly, you must hear about “TeamViewer”. It’s the most amazing and top most application in the category of remote accessing application. And its procedure of usage is very simple and consumes no time. After the installation, you’ll get an ID and password. And the same thing will be happen to that person whose computer you’re going to access. In order to access that another person’s computer, you’ve to enter their ID and Password. And after entering the required information, you can enter that computer remotely.


Remote Accessing Applications (2)

LogMeIn allows the users to access the computer remotely from any other location. If you’ve saved any data in your home computer, you can easily access that data from your office with this application. And it also allows you to print those documents using the printer of your present location. And its graphical user interface is user friendly which makes it easy to use.


Remote Accessing Applications (3)

Looking for featured remote accessing application? Then, Yuuguu is the best choice for you. This application not only provides remote accessing but also provides the feature of web conferencing, file sharing, screen sharing and much more. Initially, you’ll get trail pack for 7 days and after that if you find this application useful, you can buy the full version. And you can also use its core website for remote accessing.


Remote Accessing Applications (1)

In order to access any other computer remotely, DimDim is considered as one of the best application. Most importantly, it allows the multiple users to connect on a same meeting through this application. And you can share data and remotely access each other’s data.


Remote Accessing Applications (4)

ShowMyPC is an impressive and simple-to-use application. As like other remote accessing application, it also allows the users to access other computer remotely and easily. Same as that of TeamViewer, it also provides a temporary password which you have to provide to that person who wants to access the data of your computer. In order to get access of their computer, you’ve ask for their password to get connectivity.


Remote Accessing Applications (5)

Mikogo allows the various users (using different operating systems such as Mac, Linux or Windows) to get connect via same platform. With this application, you can share your data with various 25 participants. In order to take part in sharing, participating should have installed this program on their PC or they can login to the website to join.


Remote Accessing Applications (6)

RealVNC allows you to get access to the data of one computer from another computer. Unfortunately, this application is also used by hackers to get access to your computer without your knowledge. And if you’re using Windows or Linux operating system, then you can use the free version of this application. And it’s necessary to paid version for the Vista users.


Remote Accessing Applications (2)

As its name explains, Gbridge works like a bridge in between two or more computer to access data of each other. And it also offers to share data in-between the connected computer. Most importantly, this amazing application is firewall friendly which makes it safer to use.