Top 8 Must-have Android Wear apps

Android Wear apps have made a grand entry into Google Play store. The first android devices are available to early adopters this week, and a number of Android app developers have updated their smartphone apps to support the new wearable platform. Android Wear not only brings notifications to your wrists but is capable of doing much more. It can track your health, perform searches via voice commands, and of course tell you the time. Next, you can open the apps by saying ”Okay Google, start.”

must-have Android Wear apps

To get these apps on your wrist, first you’ve to download the corresponding app on your phone and then sync your watch with the Android Wear manger app.  Here are the best apps worth trying out.

1.      Evernote Wear

Evernote for Android Wear pushes gets notes and checklists on your wrist while your phone stays in your pocket.
In addition to retrieving notes, there are a whole lot of things you can do with the app. You can also view an existing note on your smartwatch by viewing it on your phone, then locking the screen; the note will appear on your watch. You can even look for a specific note right on your watch using voice commands.


2.    Eat24

Eat24 Android wear was showed off on stage at I/O. With Eat24’s android Wear integration, you can re-order a pizza from your favourite restaurants with just a few simple voice and finger commands. The app lets you order food delivery form over 25,000 restaurants with more being added each day.


3.    Pinterest

Pinterest notifies you when you’re near a location that you’ve saved.
For instance, you could add all the bars in your city that telecast World Cup matches so you know what your closest options are while out. The app also notifies you when you are in places your friends have pinned.
When you receive a notification, you’ll swipe through pages to get more details about the venue, and you can hit Navigate to use Google Maps for directions.


4.       Duolingo

It may be impossible for you to learn a second language on your watch, but with Duolingo it’s possible to brush up your language skills right from your wrist. The screenshots up on Duolingo doesn’t take advantage of Android Wear’s voice support, but you can create flash cards that display on your wrist for quick practice while on the go.


5.      PayPal

Paypal for Android Wear makes it possible for you to check in to pay at local stores, redeem offers, receive payment notifications, right on your wrist. The app is already available for Samsung’s Gear 2 and Gear Fit devices. The upcoming PayPal Android Wear app will support the Moto360, the LG G Watch and other wearables as they are released.


6.       Soundwave

The Soundwave Android wear app allows you bring your active, music and social life together whilst on the go. The idea is to use the app to share the music when you’re out on a run, jog, a walk or even a cycle with your Soundwave or Twitter community.


7.       Lyft

Lyft is really awesome ride-sharing app that helps you to locate and arrange transportation by speaking into your wrist. The watch interface keeps you up to date with the progress of your ride, and then lets you rate your driver once you’ve reached your destination.


8.       Level Money

Level money is a personal finance app that helps you track your bank transactions. To get started, sync your bank account or credit cards to the Android smartphone app. The app will automatically track your income, savings and recurring bills, then show you how much you can spend that month, week or day.