Top 9 iPhone Applications To Manage Your Website

In this Era of Iphone, it’s very easy to manage your website via it. All the thing you need is the appropriate applications. Today, we’re presenting the set of Top 9 iPhone Applications To Manage Your Website:


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WordPress for iOS is the app that allows you to write posts, upload photos, edit webpages, and manage comments on your own blog from your own iPhone. WordPress for iOS allows to share images, write posts, and edit your articles. It’s easy to control your WordPress web site or site through your iPhone. With WordPress pertaining to iOS, you could moderate comments, develop or edit posts and pages, see stats, and add photos or videos easily.


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Chartbeat is actually a real-time website and mobile data for people who get things completed. We’re all with regards to real-time information and that means you always know what’s up on your site irrespective of where you are. Chartbeat is actually real-time data with regard to front-line doers. We provide you with real-time information about your website in an instantaneously gettable way. Via our dashboards in addition to APIs, you’ll acquire live stats with regards to your your website’s visitor behavior and many others. It is a paid software and you can try this app with 30 day free trial also.


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WhatTheFont works through Wi-Fi or the cellular phone network. WhatTheFont for iPhone will identify fonts in images saved from apps for example Safari and Postal mail. WhatThe Font also send e-mail summaries of search results. WhatTheFont is used to identify the font of the photo clicked on iPhone.It also increase the photo upload speed. It also help to share link.

Analytics Agent Lite

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Analytics Agent Lite for iphone has two versions lite version is free whereas full version is paid. It is very easy to use app that works with Google Analytics. You can use Analytics Agent Lite by login your google account to view the Analytics of your website.

Pingdom iPhone app 2.0

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This is the new default view whenever you tap on the check. Pingdom iPhone app 2.0 is an excellent option for troubleshooting out and about. Tapping on an outage will disclose which monitoring destinations first detected this outage, and the real reason for the error. The most recent version of this Pingdom iPhone application even supports iphone 3gs push notifications. The app additionally contains cool graphs and much more so read the full post to find out about the many neat new attributes.

TweetDeck for iPhone

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Twitter, which bought the popular social media platform TweetDeck in 2011. TwitterDeck is highly customizable. TweetDeck apps better version 1.0 of Twitter API.
TweetDeck for iPhone is a fast and a rich app that work on all modern browsers.TweetDeck has a choice between depressing dark or blinding light.

Color Calculator

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Color Calculator has a simple interface overlapping gel strings of cyan, magenta, and yellow out of which you can 500 different colour combinations. It is also used to find the values of replicate popular GAM, Lee, and Rosco gels. This app gives best colour shades even in dark. This is a paid app that you can buy it from Apple Store.

Google Mobile App

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The newly redesigned app brings the most effective of Gmail using real-time notifications, multiple account assist and search across your Inbox.This gives capability to switch between 5 accounts on single iPhone. This will give notification of new mail fast. This app also helps to see profile picture with chat.


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WebSource is a app that show HTML source page of the webpage of the desired URL. WebSource send the javascript of the URL to the page to the server for processing to view the source page.