Top Smartphone Trends in 2013

Smartphones are set to be one of the biggest sellers of mobile devices in 2013 and yet they are already undergoing a process of reinvention in order to make sure that the population is armed with the latest technology. Smartphone manufacturers are consequently developing new and more efficient models at an alarming rate in order to satisfy the high consumer demand. Taking this into consideration, here are some of the top smartphone trends currently making headlines.

1. The HTML5 Smartphone

HTML5 is a specific language employed in order to create web pages for users of advanced technology. This innovative language allows developers to use a special source code to permit users access to any content regardless of the device they are using. In this way, users will be able to enjoy various games, watch videos and listen to music on technological devices such as smartphones, laptops and desktop computers. It has been predicted that around one billion HTML5 smartphones will be sold in the coming year.

2. Sustainable Smartphones

In the year to come it is likely that we will begin to see smartphone devices made from recycled electronic parts and materials as manufacturers attempt to outsell their competitors. We may well also see incredibly efficient batteries that are capable of holding a charge for longer.

3. Synchronised Operating Systems

A number of significant brands including Apple and Microsoft have reportedly re-tooled their operating systems to allow them to work seamlessly across a whole host of computer devices. This will mean that users will no longer have to use one specific OS for their smartphone and another for their desktop.

4. The End of the Desktop PC

A great number of analysts have predicted that 2013 will be the year in which many users abandon their desktop computer and laptop in favour of using their smartphones. The smartphone is now readily capable of carrying out all of the functions of larger computer devices and therefore users may well decide to ditch their computers to exclusively use their smartphones. In 2011 more smartphones than PCs were shipped and this trend is expected to dramatically increase in 2013.

5. Larger Screens

Since the Galaxy Note was launched in 2011 many manufacturers have followed this trend and smartphones are now being created that can easily be described as small tablets. LG have already developed their model and many other brands are set to follow suit.

6. The Waterproof

In the coming months Liquipel, an innovative new surface coating, is set to make its debut on the highstreet. This will offer smartphone owners a second chance should their beloved device take a tumble into the bath tub or toilet bowl. As long at the phone is not submerged in water for a long period of time it should be able to be dried off and be non-worse for wear after its slippery ordeal.

With constant technological innovation, developments and new apps we can only begin to imagine what the future has in store for the smartphone. This being said, these are the top trends to watch for in 2013!