Top Tech Innovations of 2013 [Infographic]

Whenever the latest piece of time-saving technology is released we ask ourselves, “how did I ever get on without this?” Okay, maybe we could have lived our lives without the vibrating fork that lets you know when you’re eating too fast, but you get the idea.

The iPad was a lifesaver for many of us young people whose laptops and phones weren’t enough. Just a short time after its debut release though, the consumers had plenty to complain about, namely that is was just too big. Enter the iPad mini: all the features and convenience of the regular iPad in a smaller compact size. Though it still doesn’t fit into your pocket, you look less foolish using one in public.

Are you a gamer? 2013 was your year.  Both Playstation 4 and Xbox One made a big splash this year.  All this without entirely breaking your budget, being $399 and $499, respectively.  Papertab looks to revolutionize the electronic reader movement.

Check out this infographic to see more of the items that make our lives move more smoothly. From Google Glass to Chromecast, we will always want something more. What’s your favorite new tech gadget from this year? Don’t forget to like and comment and share with your friends!

Tech Innovations of 2013