Top Ten Advanced Writing Tools For Professional Writers

Blogging is giving opportunities to many writers to use their passion of writing as a professional writer. But there is a slight difference between, writing for passion and writing for occupation. No doubt that practice and continuity is the best way to improve your skills and efficiency but there are many tools available which can do the same. Here are 10 Advanced Writing Tools For Professional Writers. If you use any of them then share your experience to recommend the best to others.


I have been using this for a few months and it’s simply great. I have noticed the change in workflow. If you are working on assignment writing process then this is the best tool. The program allows you to do semantic editing and make the work easy.


Mellel is basically a word processing tool and designed to tackle with long and complicated work problems.


Every writing tool is not designed for Windows, Scrivener is designed for Mac users. It offers you a database of different writing tools. You can make your own piece by using various of available writing programs. This is a powerful tool for major projects like Book writing or screenplay writing.


Do you wish to make stories or writing pieces like we read in novels? Then use this program. StoryMill is less with many features to enhance your writing and to keep you on track. It helps you to analyze and update the locations, characters and timings in the story.

Script It!

The program is able to handle any type of writing projects but basically designed to perform on screen writing tasks. It comes with many handy and useful features like suggesting character names and locations. You can write the scenes in parts and manage them later in a particular sequence. You have to spend some $69.99 for this awesome tool.


I think the name is already telling what it’s built to do. Yes, Screenplays! But you can get much more rather than doing the writing portions. It allows you to draw sketches of the characters. Manage their roles, timings, photographs and so many things to perform. It goes for $79.00.

Nisus Writer Pro

It is also one of my favorite because of it’s so amazing features. It not only performs as a writing tool but also as a word processing program. You can write, draw, bookmark, track, analyze, compare, change fonts, styles, take suggestions and much more. This is a complete program which goes for $74.99.

Mariner Write

It is the program which carries thousands of necessary or unnecessary features and lets you perform fluently. Mariner Write is the best alternative to Microsoft word. It comes in $39.95.

Final Draft

This is the best tool for script writers and play writers. Pricing $199, lets you make professional scripts.



This is a brilliant tool for effective and more efficient writing. It enhances your writing skills and the most important things it comes for free.