CES 2014: Toyota announces its (FCV) fuel cell vehicle to hit market in 2015

FCV (Fuel Cell vehicle) is a most awaited technology from many years. FCV ‘s are powered by fuel cells which generate electricity from hydrogen. FCV’s are environment friendly and high-energy efficient vehicles. Toyota has announced its first FCV at CES 2014. However, this FCV is a concept as of now but is expected to hit market in 2015. Toyota expects the network to be able to service upwards of 10,000 fuel cell vehicles by 2024.
“We aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel, just everything necessary to make them turn,” said Bob Carter of Toyota USA.
The company also said it would help establish a network of hydrogen-fuelling stations concentrated in California, where the State Government has pledged $200 million towards the effort.
Toyota has yet not released the name and the price of vehicle.

Via : cnet 

Source :toyota